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SpanHead offers variety of services across different fields. SpanHead is a one-stop-shop to increase value and your customer reach for your business.

Brand Design & Strategy

We are brand and creative agency that is passionate about technology and showcasing successful clients. We built intuitive, responsive and stunning websites. 


Business Intelligence solutions

SpanHead offers variety of data analysis solutions and BI reports. We provide insights and analytics for businesses to make solid decisions based.

Mobile Apps

Would you like to wow your customers with an engaging app? We build custom mobile apps suppressing industry standards


Your customers are having a hard time finding you when they search on Google or Yahoo? Let our SEO experts help you get on the first results page!


We offer content editing for any online articles and analysis. We have two educators and a journalist on the team!


Trainings and workshops

We offer various trainings from public speaking to resume building to career coaching.


Email Marketing

Direct e-mailing is still effective! If you’re not emailing your clients, you’re losing a lot on your possible business!


Social Media Management

We can launch and help you manage your social media networks!


network services

Let SpanHead design and implement an IT strategy for your network infrasturcture


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